‘O.H.L Records’ was built by a Japanese hair artist to carry out further research on human hair and exchange projects with various artists.

 In 2012, HAKAH left Japan at the age of 20 and started his career as a session hair stylist in cutting in Paris, France.  He participated in the Paris collection as hair.  He has worked on magazines, commercials, lookbooks, short films and more.And making “Head prop” with materials other than hair for his own expression of art.

 He especially learned that he had different characteristics of Japanese, Asian and European hair quality, and he went on to further his research, using a wide variety of hair products. 


In 2020, he  moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to continue his pursuit of human hair, culture and nature in common.

A part of the business profits based on session work, hair cutting, and sales of HAKAH’s original products and headprop photos will be returned to the Environmental Protection Fund.

It’s also used to support and interact with the next generation of artists around the world, especially contemporary artists, musicians, DJs and of course Hair artists.